BMech Engineering Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2014. BMech is committed to provide our customers with competitive solutions, and value-added services. We are continuously seeking improvement in our services, and always ready to meet our clients’ highest expectations.

Our Business & Capabilities

BMech with its team of highly experience staff is able to offer the following specialised services. Here’s a summary of what we can offer:

  • Plant Engineering, Construction and Commissioning works
    • Design & Engineering works; general arrangement layout design, FEED study, 3D / 2D design drawing preparation, Isometric generation with 3D model.
    • Detail engineering analysis such as piping flexibility & hydraulic analysis, structural analysis, ASME Pressure Vessel & Nozzle Calculation.
    • Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanning (TLS), for reverse engineering on existing facilities and upgrading works
    • Pipeline engineering services for Gas, Oil & Water
  • Piping and Mechanical Works.
    • Fabrication, Erection
    • Non-metallic piping, e.g. GRE jointing, HDPE or UPVC welding etc
    • Underground pipe Wrapping, work with DensoClad or Polyken and perform Holiday Test
    • Pre-Heating & Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
  • Specialist Commissioning Work i.e.
    • Air blowing & Steam Flushing for Boilers or Pipeline
    • Supply & Rental of Target Plate Inserter & Steam Silencer for steam flushing
    • Pigging
  • Plant Shutdown, Turnaround and Maintenance works
    • Project / Turnaround Management & Skilled Manpower Supply
    • Hydraulic Bolt Torqueing and Tensioning up to 3” Bolt size
  • Steel Structure Fabrication & Erection Works
  • Modular Skid Fabrication, Testing & Commissioning
  • Site Erected Storage Tanks, with Jacking Method
  • Pressure Vessel Fabrication & Erection Works
  • Civil & Structural Works for Plant and Equipment foundation.
  • Package Boiler Installation & Maintenance, temporary boiler rental

Our organization is also equipped with a complete suite of design tools, which strongly enhance our design capabilities:

  • Autodesk Plant 3D Design Suite® – Intelligent 3D modelling software, used for complete plant design including equipment modelling and layout, intelligent piping design; generating plant layout drawing, automatic generation of piping isometrics, 3D walkthrough and review of plant at all stages of the Project.
  • Bentley’s AutoPIPE Advanced Pipe Stress Analysis® – A state of the art pipe stress software, capable of reviewing piping stress code, piping support loads, nozzle loads evaluation.
  • Bentley’s PlantFLOW Plus® – A state of the art hydraulic analysis software (steady state) capable of evaluating piping hydraulics of a huge range of fluids such as steam, water, hydro carbon and various type of chemical. Additionally, thermal losses through the pipe & insulation can also be evaluated.